Why Choose Stars Swim Schools?

Our Swimming Lessons

Swimming is both a pleasurable activity and an excellent way to stay fit. Plus, it helps reduce stress and anxiety levels.

Swimmng is an invaluable skill to acquire at a young age, as it could come in handy later on. Thus, selecting the correct swim school is essential for guaranteeing your children receive a secure and enjoyable learning environment.

Our swimming lessons Cranbourne are tailored to kids of all ages and skill levels, taught in small groups with personalized attention so they can progress rapidly and safely. Our instructors are certified to teach the Aqua-Tots curriculum – which has become widely trusted around the world.

At Baby Steps Learning Centers, we provide lessons for babies starting at 4 months old nearly every day of the year. Plus, you can take advantage of our free assessment to find your child’s optimal level – contact the location nearest you today to set up a trial class!

We Offer Baby Swimming Lessons

Baby swimming lessons are an excellent way to foster a positive relationship with water and help reduce drowning risks for young children.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies begin aquatic education as soon as they show interest and comfort in water. Studies have demonstrated that children who begin swimming at a young age develop better balance, coordination, grasping, and catching skills.

Star Swim Schools provide small group classes so your child receives one-on-one attention. Our friendly instructors will make sure your child receives the best care and education possible.

Babies love swimming and it can be an amazing bonding activity between parents and child. The water provides a secure, distraction-free setting so it’s the perfect spot for quality time together. Not only that, but swimming lessons also teach your little one valuable life lessons that will last throughout their childhood! Contact us now to book your child’s next swim lesson!

We Offer Adult Swimming Lessons

Swimming is a sport enjoyed by both children and adults alike. Learning to swim early on in life can foster an affinity for the water, while increasing an adult’s safety when around it.

We provide lessons for infants and toddlers as well as adults. All lessons are taught by certified instructors.

Our infant/toddler program begins with fundamental water skills, aquatic safety and drowning prevention. Additionally, there are opportunities for parent-child interaction in an aquatic setting.

Level 1 classes teach students to float in the water, practice front and back kicks, and start using arm movements. Additionally, they are introduced to a streamline technique which helps them propel themselves forward more efficiently and quickly.

At SwimSafeOnline.com, we offer six levels of swimming and water safety classes to accommodate both beginner and advanced swimmers. The curriculum is organized logically so that swimmers progress through each level, honing their swimming, safety and survival skills.

We Offer Water Safety Training

As an added service to our swimming classes Cranbourne, we are pleased to offer water safety training. Through collaboration with several companies, this essential skill-building activity is available for kids of all ages.

Our program stands apart from others due to the fact that it is taught by American Red Cross certified instructors, using only the most up-to-date techniques and technology.

For children learning how to swim for the first time, it is essential that they get off on the right foot. That is why our water safety training is designed to teach children the most efficient and secure methods of entering and exiting the water.

To keep you in the know about your child’s progress, try installing a splash-tastic course that utilizes modern technology. This includes a touch screen poolside monitor to display their progress and an app that sends instant notifications so you’re always up-to-date with their activities.

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